Bubble Tea Toppings And Add-Ons Popular Types To Test

Have you ever seen a bubble tea store's menu, then you will know there are types of toppings you can find together with your bubble tea kaufen. Classic toppings like regular boba can be found, and you will find newer and exciting add-ons too.

The issue of the best idea boba topping is subjective. But with regards to the most widely used add-on, it's entirely different. Let us starts came from here:

Tapioca boba/bubble pearls

Tapioca pearls are unquestionably typically the most popular bubble tea topping. Tapioca gem began everything; also it is among the original topping preferred among many. Quite simply, the tapioca gem may be the grandfather of bubble tea toppings.

Produced from tapioca starch, tapioca pearls are usually cooked in brown sugar to provide an excellent sweetness. If you are not really acquainted with Boba Pearls, here is a quick rundown! Bubbles are usually brown, soft, possess a great taste, and squishy in texture.


Lately, pudding has become an admirer favorite of numerous tea enthusiasts. The pudding comes in different flavors. For instance, we have experienced flan, and taro flavored puddings within our boba whenever we visited among the Gong cha bubble tea stores in Dallas. Many of their pudding toppings are created with none dairy creamer, dairy, and sugar.

Popping Bubbles

Regular boba and popping boba share just one similarity- the form. As well as that, they're entirely not the same as each other. Unlike the above mentioned-pointed out tapioca pearls, popping bubbles usually burst within the flavored juice. Typical popping boba is fruit-flavored lately, we have seen yogurt and occasional boba.

There are attempted it already, you may enjoy a scrumptious pop jelly bubble tea or pop boba tea. You will get that in a bubble tea store in Texas. You'll love popping boba due to the enjoyable surprise you will get whenever you pop one out of the mouth area because it splashes with refreshing flavor. A lot of our top flavors include strawberry, mango, and grape.


Jelly flavors rely on individual stores, but there are numerous different jelly flavors. For instance, fig jelly, herbal jelly, strawberry jelly, aloe jelly, and lychee jelly. Other great tales like this...

We like to add jelly like a topping to the favorite bubble tea drinks. It adds a pleasant extra kick of sweet fruity flavor.

Yes, you heard that, right! Beans are one other favorite boba tea add-on. We know, it may sound nasty and sort odd, but almost all! The beans utilized as boba toppings aren't your family beans. They're mung beans and red beans, with considered in Asian culture being an excellent dessert topping.